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The MotoEdge is a custom motorcycle community of like minded enthusiasts. We are using the most modern online tools and developing it into a state-of-the-art communications systems for motorcyclists worldwide. You can see below some of the benefits and applications that we will very soon be able to make available to you.

If you are an "early adopter" and want to get first try at all the new facilities as soon as they are live, just enter your name and email in the box below and we will invite the first 69 to test-drive it and give some feedback on how well it works and any improvements you would like to see. We hope to have it available for all members to use as soon as possible

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As a Member, all these great information and communications features will be available to you. Information

We have included lots of custom motorcycle information and will be showing many different ways to customize your bike from the most expensive to the cheaper alternatives  You will get to see the inner workings of custom bike shops from mechanical work to custom paint shops. The whole site is very interactive so you can always add your own comments on anything you see, post to our discussion forums about it or add your own pictures, audio or video that may help or entertain others. Also we will be testing lots of products and giving them to lucky members.

We will also upload step by step guides as per the group requests for more custom bike information.

Discussion Boards And Private Messaging

The member site includes a powerful discussion board where you can air your views or ask questions and get them answered either by the administrators or by other members. You can monitor discussion threads and be advised by email if anyone replies or comments.

The state-of-the-art private messaging system allows you to contact any other member and to include audio and video in you message, right from your computer and in real time.

Audio And Video Recording And Streaming

The latest Flash, Java and streaming technology is built in so you can record and upload video in real time direct from your web cam.  You can also easily upload any audio or video files you have created yourself and have them available to use on your web page, blog, documents or messages.  No need to worry about storage, bandwidth or extra charges - everything is hosted and streamed from our servers and included within your membership. Think about showing off your custom motorcycle to the world. We know you are proud of it, so why not show it off!

Special Interest Sub-Groups

Create your own sub-groups within the MotoEdge where members can have their own exclusive messaging boards and communications. What are you interested in? Motorcycle painting, mechanical things, LED lights, coolest bike gear, racing, stunting, whatever...- you decide and create your own groups of like-minded members to share information, ideas, pictures, files, videos....

Communicate With Other Members

This is the heart of the site - allowing easy communication between your fellow custom motorcyle members so we can share information, ideas, interests and challenges. Using the cutting-edge technology on the site you can create direct communication links with other members anywhere in the world using text, audio or video chat.


Custom Motorcycles Uncovered

You watch those TV shows and thought how cool it is to have one of those bikes. Well with the membership you will learn what other riders like yourself do and think about. Where to ride, how to arrange a group, get custom gear made, etc...oh, and there's a monthly surprise in the near future for those of you who don't have a bike yet :)

Here are more things you get :

Your own web page

Your own Blog

Share Your Files, Pictures, MP3s and Videos

Plus many more things in development. Seriously whatever the MotoEdge group requests...we'll do our best to make it happen! And you just have to know how to log in, because everything is push button simple. No worries if you don't understand technology!

Oh, and we saved the best for last....all members get a chance to win a custom painted piece. Once a month we pick one member and give them their own custom painted, (depending on membership size) helmet, fairings, even their whole bike...the sky's the limit. The MotoEdge is run by a custom painter who also has many world class painting friends so don't think you're getting a generic piece. This is a true original. So do you want to be on the cutting edge?

Sign up and see what we're about. Tell people about us and we'll reward you for your efforts!

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